Erase .A. Hole
"Just Swipe, Wipe and Paint"

Holes Happen!!!

We have all come home from a long day and accidentally opened the door to hard and made that hole in the wall. Of course we can't exclude the famous "I have no idea how that got there" hole. The point is, holes happen everyday, and we are always thinking how great it would be if this would just have a quick non messy fix!

No Tools * No Shrinkage * Fast * Easy * Effective

Erase-A-Hole allows you to patch holes in drywall, plaster, and wood in two easy steps. Rub the special applicator across the hole in a circular motion until it is filled and then wipe off the excess. The patch dries without shrinking to an even, unnoticeable finish.

Now there is no need to purchase a large tub of drywall compound to patch a few small holes. Erase-A-Hole has a shelf life of three years and is guaranteed for two years after purchase.

The container is in the familiar shape of a stick applicator. Ease of use and a three year shelf life make this a great product. Everyone who uses it asks, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Simply pop the cap off, twist the adjustment knob, then wipe across the hole in a circular motion until the patch is even with the wall. Wipe the excess off with a damp sponge or scrape it smooth with the edge of the cap. You can paint immediately, because the product dries without shrinking.

Order your Erase A Hole today!!!!

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